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It’s more important than ever to cut through the noise and stand out from your competitors as a great company to work for.

In the current candidate-driven market, businesses need to have a strong, succinct narrative that really resonates with potential new hires, that tells candidates who you are and what they’re about.

As a hiring manager, your ability to bring your brand, product or environment to life and tell a compelling story with passion is vital if you want to recruit the best people.

Simply paying more money, giving free fruit, having a work hard play harder culture and or having a work from home 1 day per week policy have all been done, it’s old hat and frankly, everyone does it.

Your brand values and company ethos is not just for customers and clients – potential employees want to be emotionally engaged and buy into the bigger picture too.

If you like the look of a candidate, so will 10+ other companies, so you HAVE to connect with them on another level.

So what are candidates really looking for? We’re seeing a growing trend in demand from developers for the following things:

-Purpose – what is the company WHY? Goals and objectives and how does the role contribute?

-Company story – what’s the background and culture of your business?

-Vision – where is the company going and how are the team involved in taking it there?

-Learning opportunities – how are you supporting and developing people?

-Team Info (size, composition, level)

-Fully Remote – Distributed & Diverse team?


If you can clearly communicate your offering and be bold about who you are and what you stand for, then you have a great chance of recruiting strong candidates.

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