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I’ve been covering the increasingly chilly tech market in The Scoop #10 (Another chill hitting the tech market), The Scoop #9 (Big changes at Twitter, Netflix, Apple Robinhood, and predicting companies that might lay off next), and The Scoop #8 (A tech market slowdown starting?).

It is increasingly looking like the start of a tech market downturn. But how did we get here?

Fellow Substack writer Eric Newcomer covers the intersection of venture capital and technology in his deeply-reported newsletter. 

In his latest issue, he caught up with top investors, sketched out what happened in the last 18 months, where we are today, and put together out how things might play out from here. He generously agreed to share the second part of his subscriber-only issue with The Pragmatic Engineer readers. 

Check out Newcomer

For the first part of the article on how we got to where we are, read the article The Endgame. This article lays out:

We join in the middle of the Fall 2021 section. Over to Newcomer:


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