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The Scoop is a bonus series, covering patterns and trends I’ve heard within big tech and high-growth startups.

Do you have tips, scoop to share or feedback on this issue? Send me an email at or a direct message on Twitter. I keep all sources anonymous.

The tech market keeps being a rollercoaster. In January, the stock market had its largest dip in years and Peloton laid off 2,800 people just this week. Despite all this news, we’re still in the middle of a very hot market. 

  • Layoffs at Hopin ant Peloton. Two companies that misjudged their post-COVID market are going through layoffs. An exclusive.

  • A chilling hiring market? I spent the past two weeks talking with insiders to bring details on how VCs, founders, and execs see the cooling of the stock market impacting hiring plans for 2022. Scoop from Robinhood, Hopin, Sourcegraph, TravelPerk, and Cowboy Ventures.

  • Amazon’s historic compensation shift. Amazon made a major compensation philosophy shift – I give my analysis on why this change makes sense, and how this will impact the rest of the market.

  • A boiling market. A good part of the market is hotter than ever. Insights from Amazon, Apple and other companies.

  • Meta leaning into full-remote hiring. And what this move means for hybrid and office-first tech companies.

  • A recruitment strategy for both remote-friendly and for office-based companies.

  • Recharge weeks. A new type of company perk?


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