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The Scoop is a bonus series, covering patterns and trends I’ve heard within big tech and high-growth startups.

Do you have tips, scoop to share or feedback on this issue? Send me an email replying here, to or a direct message on Twitter. I keep all sources anonymous.

Today’s scoop is once again about the hiring market, that doesn’t seem to cool down:

  • Cloudfare’s incredible hiring 2021 recruitment numbers – and inspiration to take from it.

  • One-off retainers at Big Tech, with the details.

  • Base salary increases are dripping in – though the bulk is yet to come.

  • Startups openly competing with Big Tech salaries, and paying more than established companies

  • Amazon woes in hiring – and with firing.

This issue frequently referenes levels at Big Tech – such as L5 or L6. For details on the meaning of these levels, see the article Engineering career paths at Big Tech and high-growth startups.


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