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The Scoop is a bonus series, covering patterns and trends I observe and hear about within Big Tech and at high-growth startups. Have a scoop to share? Send me a message!

In today’s issue we cover:

  • Why AWS does not – and will not – add hard spending limits. Another week, another startup hit by a massive AWS bill they did not anticipate. Why doesn’t AWS add spending limits to avoid these situations?

  • Cloudflare brought down a good part of the internet for an hour. What happened, and how did Cloudflare respond? Spoiler: they handled it much better than Atlassian in April.

  • Similarities between this year’s crash and the 2001 dotcom crash. Although the 2022 market crash does not seem as dramatic as the 2001 Dotcom Bust, overlaps are emerging.

  • Layoffs continuing and hitting tech employees. A short summary and analysis of layoffs at Stream (exclusive details), Netflix, Substack, MasterClass, Bitpanda, Unity and others.

  • A new and slightly worrying trend with layoffs. Every company is extending their runway – even those that have plenty.


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