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The Scoop is a bonus series, covering patterns and trends I’ve heard about within Big Tech and high-growth startups.

The past few issues of The Scoop were pretty grim: The Scoop #12 covered layoffs upon layoffs, followed by a piece on how the layoffs within Klarna played out.

The layoffs don’t seem to be stopping at VC-funded companies which are running out of money. However, for this issue, I want to focus less on this topic, especially as we can expect a stream of news about more companies letting people go. Instead, let’s take a step back and tackle the question: how are things actually looking across the tech market?

This issue covers:

  1. Data on the tech hiring market. Away from the headlines, what does data on tech jobs tell us?

  2. Companies where it’s “business as usual.” These places don’t get much coverage, even though they outnumber those companies that are struggling. Which ones are they?

  3. Tech companies making more efforts to retain staff. Apple, Microsoft, Adyen have all made steps to stay more attractive for employees.

  4. Exclusive: layoffs at Trade Republic. A week ago, the German mobile broker employing 700 people, valued at $5B, was hiring for about 160 positions. Today, unexpectedly, they announced layoffs. In a curious approach, the company seemed to not even try approaches which might have helped avoid layoffs. Exclusive details.

  5. Layoffs roundup and the pattern of companies letting people go. There have been several rounds of layoffs, and I’ve collected a few illustrative ones. What are the patterns of companies that are letting people go? 

  6. Coinbase rescinding most outstanding offers. Coinbase took the drastic step of pulling back already signed offers, leaving around 300 people hanging. Should job seekers plan for events like this, and feel empowered to break their own signed offers?

  7. Hiding layoffs as forced return to work announcements: Tesla. Strange things happening at the company. Will other companies use forced return to the office to disguise layoffs?


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