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It’s getting close to a year since I announced that I am starting this newsletter. 30th of August will mark the first year of sending out the first article, The seniority rollercoaster.

Over the first year, 86 newsletter issues went out, with a total word count between 400-500,000 words. That’s a solid 5 or so books’ worth of reading, taking a length of 100,000 words – common for longer nonfiction books – as a metric. The longest standalone article is Part 2 of Inside Facebook’s Engineering Culture at 14,000 words (or ~70 pages). The two-part series of Inside Facebook’s Engineering Culture could be a short book itself, with ~21,000 words (about 110 print pages). It’s this long thanks to covering more information about Facebook’s engineering culture than any publication has revealed before.

On top of this, I published 29 templates and resources for software engineers and engineering managers.

With so many articles and so much reading, I organized these articles by topic. Articles marked by 🔒mean they are for paid subscribers. In the first year, 17 articles went out to free subscribers – which is about every fifth article. I’ve also opened up The perfect storm causing an insane tech hiring market recently, which started what would become The Scoop series.

With this, the list of articles:

Alternatively, browse all newsletter issues or all The Scoop issues.

I hope this summary was useful, and that you found an article or two that you might have missed. I’ll follow up with learnings from the first year, and plans for the next one in a separate, bonus issue.

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