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Question: I have missed out on promotions in the last cycle and am disappointed. What is your advice for maximising my chance of a promotion, next time? And what about just leaving this job, and joining somewhere else at the next level?

Whether you’re a manager or an individual contributor, the best time to start preparing for a promotion is months and sometimes even years before it’s due. At most tech companies, the next cycle of promotions will not start for another several months. 

In this issue we cover topics on preparing for promotions:

  • Promotion philosophy vs reality at various types of companies.

  • Promotions at Big Tech. How does the system work, and what are good mental models to understand the process?

  • Advice for those wanting to get promoted on preparing ahead of time. What can – and should – you do, months ahead?

  • Advice for managers on steps to take now to avoid surprises, so you don’t see people leaving unexpectedly, come promotions time. Bonus: a promotions map template for inspiration.

  • Wait for promotion vs switching jobs? My take on this common question.

Promotion Philosophy vs Reality


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