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Q: I’m an experienced professional ready for a change from my current position. What are great methods to discover opportunities that can be a step up for me?

While the tech job market for people with experience is hotter than it has ever been, I’ve noticed many professionals have trouble finding good positions out there; those jobs that are a step up professionally, financially, or are at high-growth companies. There is no shortage of jobs you could apply to, but finding ones that you really want to apply to, is much more challenging.

This issue is packed with smart resources that many people don’t know about, meaning they can help speed up the process of finding your ideal role. In this article, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies for finding your next role. Common and not so common approaches senior engineers and engineering managers use to find their next big job.

  • High paying Big Tech and late-stage tech companies. A list of over 100 companies that are known to pay closer to the top of the market in the geographies they operate in.

  • Promising high-growth startups. While startups cannot beat the cash compensation that established companies offer, they can result in a higher payday after an exit, thanks to the issuing of equity. They can also be a great place to grow professionally, and are typically easier to get in at, than Big Tech is. I reveal how you can locate these companies.

  • Engineering leadership positions. Finding engineering positions is easier than management roles. I detail the lesser known channels through which engineering director-and-above positions are found and filled.

  • Resources to find great jobs. The most relevant tech job boards, VC job boards and executive recruitment agencies which hide in plain sight, that few know about. More than 80 resources.

  • Advice for hiring managers. Knowing how many people will go about searching for their next job, how can you use this information to attract more people, or to attract them in a more focused way?


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